Samsung Transform Ultra for Boost Mobile available now

In this market for high-end devices, there’s still no surprise that manufacturers are filling up the mid-range market with handsets that have some respectable statistics. Especially for someone who doesn’t want to wait to get the next latest and greatest, but just needs a device with some beefy specifications under the hood to get the job done from day-to-day. That’s where the Samsung Transform Ultra for Boost Mobile comes in.

The device is available now for anyone out there who shows off the Boost Mobile colors. The device features a 3.5-inch HVGA capacitive touchscreen display; 3MP rear-facing camera with a VGA front-facing shooter; the standard connectivity with Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS; and it will run Android 2.3 in what appears to be a stock experience right out of the box. There’s a 2GB microSD card that comes in the box, but you can expand it to 32GB if you so choose.

The device is available for $229.99.

via Boost Mobile

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