360 Panorama now available on Android Market

Tired of NOT being able to take panoramic pictures on your Android device? Wait no more. Occipital’s 360 Panorama has officially hit the Android Market for all of you running Android 2.3 or above (no Honeycomb support as of yet).

The app was first seen on the App Store for iOS devices and it hasn’t changed much (or at all). What makes this app great is that it is so easy to use. Step 1: Hold your phone and find the first frame of the scene you want to capture. Step 2: Tap the capture button and pan your handset around and watch the magic happen.

For all those users that have made the switch from iPhone, don’t worry. You can still upload your photos to your Panorama account and you’ll have access to them on your new Android device.

via Engadget

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