Amazon Kindle Fire 8.9 rumored for second quarter 2012 launch

We have all been hearing about the Kindle Fire set to revolutionize the tablet industry. Dates that have been toss around the rumor include a launch in May of 2012 for an 8.9-inch follow-up. Though an exact date has yet to be revealed, new sources around the water cooler that is the Internet say that a 10.1-inch form factor of the Fire could also be in the works for launch in the same year.

Earlier this month, Amazon launched the 7 inch, dual-core-sportin’, media consumption device that has proved to be popular for consumers. ChangeWave Research reported that 22 percent of future tablet owners want the Amazon offering and the only device that beat the Kindle Fire was Apple’s iPad.

No official news has been released, but if the trend we see in the mobile realm is maintained, then chances are good that the other form factors will be rolling out in the near future. Though I know that it is a hope against hopes, but maybe a low-cost, quality-hardware, vanilla build of Android will also be in our future?

via CNet

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