Amazon Kindle Fire heading to Best Buy on November 15

Are you someone who needs to have something on day one? If you are, and you’ve been eagerly anticipating getting your hands on the Amazon Kindle Fire, the company’s first tablet device, then you may not be so lucky if you’re planning on ordering it online. However, the yellow tag big box retailer Best Buy has you covered.

If you do order the Kindle Fire from Amazon directly, you’ll be waiting three to five days for the 7-inch tablet to ship your way. So if you’re already someone who doesn’t necessarily like to order things online, you’ll be able to walk into a Best Buy on November 15th and actually buy a Kindle Fire right then and there, with the box in your hand after you exchange the $199.99 to make the tablet yours.

(If you ordered the Amazon Kindle Fire before yesterday, maybe even as far back as Friday, there’s a chance that your tablet has shipped today, a day early. However, yesterday marked a three-to-five day waiting period for shipping tablets, so keep that in mind.)

via PhoneDog

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