Amazon Kindle Fire software update version 6.2 now available

I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that the Amazon Kindle Fire has done better than we thought that it would do. The Kindle Fire currently sits above the iPad 2 and the Nook Color on Best Buy’s best selling list, taking the top spot. So, this news might apply to a lot of people out there.

Amazon is updating the Kindle Fire to version 6.2 right now. They’re not being specific about what the update will do besides saying that it will provide “improvements to the operation of your Kindle Fire.” Sounds good to me. Also, to whom it may concern, the word is that the update does break root. So you’ll have to do that all over again after you update.

You can update you Kindle Fire over Wi-Fi or you can download it directly from Amazon with your Fire connected to your computer. For more information and to manually download the software update click HERE.

via Amazon

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