AMD chips to power Ice Cream Sandwich devices

News surrounding the forthcoming Ice Cream Sandwich devices have been cropping up all over the internet. When reading about the tablet offerings most will notice that the processors are Nvidia Tegra 3-toting quad-core machines. Well, no more (hopefully). Anyone call AMD? Apparently, AMD has been trying to break into the mobile world with their own GPU/CPU hybrid, Brazos.

This development was possible due to work being done in the community that allows the traditionally ARM-based architecture of Android to be controlled on the standard instruction set that runs standard computers (x86). What does all this mean for the consumer? It means that now we have another viable competitor for processors with extensive experience within the computing world. More competition means better hardware and usually, cheaper prices. Further, with AMD’s acquisition of the graphics powerhouse ATI in 2006, we know that they will be a true contender in the mobile world, especially with recent shift in focus to improving the visual facet of the consumer/tablet relationship.

via Icrontic

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