Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich accessible for the blind

When most of us go phone shopping, let’s face it, our “needs” are actually “wants.”  Who really needs a Retina Display or needs seamless multitasking?  For most of us, what we want in a phone is not something we physically need. (There are exceptions, of course.)  However, there are some who actually and physically need something in a phone and our friends at Google are making sure those needs are met.

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) provides an accessibility feature that will cater to those with impaired vision.  A video demoing how to turn on the accessibility feature in ICS on what looks like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus shows how simple and wonderful this feature is.  Simply slide your finger across the screen of your device and a voice will speak out what is under your finger.  Even when you slide your finger over the notification bar, it will tell you what time it is, how much battery life you have, and whatever is in your notifications bar.  This is a great feature on an already great phone and OS.  Now, if we can only get our American hands on an ICS phone in the next few weeks we will be a lot happier.  But of course, that’s not a need is it? Or is it?

via Phandroid

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