Android Market Still Far Behind the Apple App Store in App Purchases

Apple App Store App Purchases…say that ten times fast.

It’s a fairly well know fact that Android users are a little stingy with their hard earned dollars. That’s no surprise considering much of Android’s rise to fame can be credited to having low cost alternatives to other smartphones. It only makes sense that people who buy cheap phones might not be spending much on apps.

In a note sent to investors Gene Munster says that the Android Market is pulling in around 7% of mobile app purchases. Meanwhile the Apple App Store is destroying the competition by owning 85-90% of mobile app purchases. He goes on to say that Google is on track to chip that number down to around 70% in the next 3-4 years.

Google has raked in about $330 million since they opened up the Android Market in 2008. When you take into consideration Android’s 200 million activations and nearly 600,000 total apps that number seems a little low. That’s because it is. Munster reports that only 1.3% of the Android Market downloads are for paid apps.

Despite all this doom and gloom there is a silver lining. The average purchase price of an Android app is $3.79. The average purchase price of an App Store app is only $2.01. So while Apple may be selling in quantity, Google is selling in quality.

How many apps have you downloaded from Android Market?

via CNET

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