Android OS programming classes being offered

For those keeping track, Android phones represented over 50% of overall smartphone sales in the last 12 months. With this rise in market share, the demand for applications has been echoing throughout the Android universe. Fear not, the quest for quality apps isn’t just being pursued by the often nameless and faceless devs tucked away in cubicles, basements, and bedrooms writing code for days on end (thanks by the way). Enter Firebox Training.

Firebox Training has been offering Android training courses for more than a year and now, has expanded class offerings to include more condensed, intensive courses to accommodate the need for speed and flexibility. Training courses include everything from basic Android programming to the highly advanced and technical Advanced Android Training Course. The online courses are taught by expert instructors with real world experience. While the courses are targeted mainly toward IT professionals, individuals are also encouraged to sign up for classes. Firebox’s stance is that the courses are geared toward corporations that are established and start-ups that haven’t gotten off the ground yet.

via SF Gate

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