Appeals judge in Australia agrees with Samsung, says ban on products is unfair

Samsung hasn’t had the best of luck in Australia as of late, and it’s due entirely to the legal battles the company is having with Apple all over the world. It wasn’t too long ago that Apple won a major suit in the ongoing troubles, where the result was Samsung’s local subsidiaries were unable to actually sell the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Obviously that had a big impact on the holiday shopping season for Samsung in that region, and they’re saying it is unfair. An appeals judge apparently agrees with them.

Federal court justice Lindsay Foster had this to say:

“The result looks terribly fair to Apple not not terribly fair to Samsung.”

As for the appeal itself, Samsung is hoping to hear some news regarding whether or not the injunction will be lifted sometime next week. As for the counter-suit by Samsung against Apple, where Samsung is aiming to block sales of the iPad and iPhone in Australia, that is expected to be heard in March.

via Boy Genius Report

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