Apple says Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N revision still violates their design

The drama between Samsung and Apple is bordering on epic proportions. Hard to believe that scarcely a year ago, the two mobile giants were working hand-in-hand, Apple using Samsung’s components and them just gettin’ along. Unfortunately, all that changed and now the soap opera continues down under. Though the injunction on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (SGT 10.1)  was lifted, Apple still has the appeal process to fall back on. Meanwhile, in Germany, Samsung’s new iteration of the tablet was released in Germany as the SGT 10.1N.

The changes are wholly cosmetic and the main difference between the two iterations is that the frame on the German version wraps around the side profile to frame the front panel a bit more and that the speakers  were moved to fit right into the front panel. Even though the change makes the SGT 10.1N significantly different (as much as is possible in the mobile industry today) than the edge-to-edge glass design of the iPad and iPad2, Apple is back to asking that the SGT 10.1N also be banned like the previous iteration.

via The Verge

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