ARM releases dev toolkit that optimizes code for ARM processors

All you developers out there working tirelessly to bring apps to the Android ecosystem, we know it’s tough. Apparently, so does ARM. The mainstream chip-producer released a development kit that apparently automates the process of optimizing software code for ARM processors. The software, dubbed Development Studio 5 Community Edition (DS-5 CE), is now available for download on ARM’s site.

DS-5 CE includes several critical features of the pay-to-use version called Development Studio 5 (sans the CE moniker). This includes the tailored version of ARM Streamline that captures detailed, system-wide performance statistics from a variety of sources, helping devs to locate problems in their code.

The widespread utilization of the ARM architecture makes this a great download to test out. So, all you devs out there, head past the break to the source link and download yourself a copy today. For those wanting the full-blown experience of DS-5, rest assured a 30-day trial is available on the website.

via ARM

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