ASUS Transformer Prime available for pre-order at Best Buy

The ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime keeps popping up everywhere, now doesn’t it? We have already seen the new tablet appear on Amazon’s digital retailer site available for pre-order, and no one should have been surprised when the device sold out, especially after it rocketed up to Amazon’s Best Seller list. But, now the device is available somewhere else to pre-order, like the yellow tag retailer.

Best Buy has the device listed right now, in both Champagne and Gray, and it’s available to pre-order if you wish. The $499.99 price tag should look familiar. However, what we found interesting, is that we can’t find the original Transformer in the general lists of available tablets anymore. We know that Best Buy was offering the tablet device for $249.99 this black Friday, so it’s possible they were doing that to move stock for the new halo of quad-core tablets. Who knows. Very interesting indeed.

Go ahead and head through the source link to get your pre-order on.

We should note, though, that every time we tried to go through the pre-ordering process, it hiked the price up to $999.99. So, be wary.

via Best Buy

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