ASUS Transformer Prime expected to launch December 8

We love when a bunch of rumors line up to equal a great release date. It’s great, because we don’t have to wait all that long anymore — it’s right around the corner, if these street dates we’re starting to see make any sense. Actually, we’ve seen December 8th, 9th, and even November 28th rumored in the past, but now it looks like December 8th is the date to end all other dates.

Of course, the Internet is basing this off entirely newly-posted street dates, and nothing actually official from ASUS. However, we do know from the manufacturer that December is indeed the month the first quad-core (penta-core, technically) tablet will launch, bringing with it Android 3.2 right out of the box, but an expected update to Android 4.0 soon after. The 10.1-inch tablet is set to launch a whole new wave of tablet devices, so we’re beyond excited to usher in the new age of tablet technology.

Thanks to digital retailer Newegg, the final date seems to have been nailed down to December 8th. That’s just over a week away, so we can imagine you’re pretty excited. Did you get your pre-order on? Hopefully you did.

via DVICE; Newegg

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