Cluzee: The Siri competitor that’s not quite ready yet

Since Siri was introduced on the iPhone 4S there has been a lot of hunting for the Android equivalent. Apps like Jeannie and Iris have come close, but they still miss key elements to compete with Siri. Enter Cluzee.

Cluzee aims to help you get things done by just talking to your phone. This is good in theory, but not in practice. First of all Cluzee suffers from slow load times. This is a killer when you consider an app like this is supposed to save you time. Once the app does open it has a tendency to not stay open. This is one of the biggest problems because how are you supposed to get things done when the app keeps crashing? The last strike is the results aren’t always given in a timely fashion. Sometimes it looks like the command didn’t work at all because it takes so long.

All those negative points aside, Cluzee has a lot of potential. When it works the app can tell you weather forecasts, show you nearby food, and tell you what your schedule for the day is. Right now there are still better alternatives out there. Hit the link below to try Cluzee out for yourself.

Android Market

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