CM7 Boots Up on the Amazon Kindle Fire

It’s a documented fact that Android tablets haven’t been doing too well in the tablet space. The Nook Color has been considered the most succesfull Android tablet just because it’s low price tag makes it a dream for the hacking community. The Kindle Fire brings an even lower price tag than the Nook Color (and Nook Tablet), plus some updated specs. This is sure to make the Fire a popular tablet among the Android community.

The first testament to this is CM7 has already been booted up on the Fire. CM7 brings a more “Androidy” experience to the Fire. Most important things like WiFi seem to be working fine, but the touchscreen is a little wonky right now. If you want to install this on your Fire note that you will lose some of the integrated Amazon features. Follow the XDA link below for more info.

xda via The Verge

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