ComputerWorld creates list of devices getting upgraded to Android 4.0

Now that Ice Cream Sandwich is the current Android version, many people want to know if their phone or tablet is getting updated to the new Android dessert. ComputerWorld has come to the rescue, creating a list of all the devices confirmed, iffy devices, and devices that are not getting Ice Cream Sandwich.

Many of the more high-end devices of 2011 make the confirmed list, while many of the more low-end ones get on the possible-but-unconfirmed list. Almost all devices from 2010 aren’t getting it (excluding the Nexus S), but that could very well change in the future. Hit the source link to find out if your device made it or not. Did it make the list? Or do you think it’s time to upgrade? Let us know in the comments!

via AndroidandMe; ComputerWorld

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