Cyber Monday: Virgin Mobile has the Moto Triumph, Optimus V, and Optimus Slider on Sale

Just as the dust is settling from Black Friday a new sale-apocalypse begins. This one is known as Cyber Monday, and since you don’t actually have to go anywhere to take advantage of these sales you’re much less likely to leave with battle scars. If you’re looking for some sweet pre-paid deals Virgin Mobile has the answer.

First up is the Motorola Triumph. This is the first competitively spec’d smartphone to hit Virgin Mobile. it boasts a 4.1″ screen, front facing camera, 1GHz processor, 5MP rear camera, and a stock build of Android 2.2. Get it today for $150.

Next is the LG Optimus Slider. This keyboard packing Optimus is great for the person who needs a keyboard, but doesn’t need all the flashy specs of a high end phone. It packs a 800MHz processor, 3.2″ screen, 3MP camera, and Android 2.3. Get it today for $100.

Last is the LG Optimus V. This phone is a member of LG’s super popular Optimus One line, and has done very well for Virgin. It has a 600MHz processor, 3.2″ screen, and Android 2.2. It doesn’t have much in specs, but it’s very capable mid-range device. Get it today for $65.

Virgin Mobile

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