DroidDog is hiring!

The title says it all, really. Consider this a personal notice. Way back when, I told you that new things were happening around here, and obviously by now you’ve caught on to the most prominent of those changes. While we’ve been working on the “behind-the-scenes” changes, we’ve had to put a hold on the other stuff, but now we seem to be back on track. With that in mind, we welcome the next phase of the changes: new writers.

So here we are, hiring on new staff, and moving forward. We’ve got a few pieces of information to pass on to you before you move forward with applying (if you want to apply), so let’s go ahead and give that a go:

We have plenty of spots to fill. We are trying to find writers that are scattered across the US (and potentially globe, if you live in some key markets). As of right this moment the spots are freelancer based, and an internship. We are looking to expand our permanent pool of writers, but we want to pick the best of the applicants. And yes, there is an opportunity for a paid position if you make the cut, and prove that you’re worth keeping around.

So here’s what I need you to do: Email me. And here’s what I need you to email me:

1. Your letter of interest. Just tell me why you’re interested in the spot, and why you’d like to write as a career path.

2. Your schedule. Let me know when you’re able to write, what works best for you.

3. Your goal. Let me know where you see yourself six months and a year down the road. It’s enlightening, I promise.

And that’s it, at least for this stage. When you email me those things, and we strike up a communication, we’ll move forward.

Here’s where to email the above: Evan@phonedog.com

I wish you the best of luck, and I look forward to speaking with you!

-Managing Editor, Evan