DroidDog is now on Google+

As we continue to roll out new things (mostly behind the scenes), add new faces (coming soon), and get ready to launch even newer things (which won’t be behind the scenes), we’re slowly rolling what we can out to all of you, our readers. As we’ve mentioned in the past, we want you to be able to feel comfortable here, and part of the DroidDog family, and here’s one way you can do that.

As you probably already know, we’ve got a Facebook page, and hopefully you’re busy on that particular social network, liking posts and commenting to your heart’s content. (If not, go here and change that!) But it seems strange for the familiar DroidDog logo not to be found on Google+, or so we think anyway. And now that Google has completely opened up Google+, we can finally add our presence there, and bring a whole new way for you to interact with us, as well as other readers.

DroidDog on Google+

For those of you who remember that initial post, when we talked about bringing new features to the site, this will hopefully pique your interest. Yes, with the addition of DroidDog to Google+, this brings us one step closer to having our weekly Huddles. We’ll be going over the details soon, and be outlining how we plan on bringing the fans into the Huddles, too.

Those other features we talked about are still coming, we promise.

December is going to be a big month, so stay tuned. And thank you.

-The DroidDog team

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