Flash Player coming to Ice Cream Sandwich by Year’s End

The reviews of the Galaxy Nexus have been glowing to say the least. A lot of that praise is for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It’s being called a near perfect combination of hardware and software, and being called the best Android phone ever. But now that the confetti has settled some of the flaws are being discovered.

One of those flaws is the lack of Flash. Several users have reported that the G-NEX did not come pre-installed with Flash, and they weren’t able to find Adobe’s Flash Player in the Android Market. This has some people worried, especially with Adobe’s recent announcement that they will no longer develop Flash for mobile. Pocket-Lint is reporting that Adobe will have one last update to the Flash Player in late 2011 making it compatible with Android 4.0. Love it or hate it sometimes you need to use Flash.

Pocket-Lint via SprintFeed

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