Galaxy Nexus delay official, coming to Verizon in December

After being announced just over a month ago, Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy Nexus for Verizon will be delayed until December. This comes to us with little surprise, as rumors of its delay have been floating around for the last few weeks. Samsung did not give a reason for the delay, nor the actual release date.

December 8th is starting to look like the day that Ice Cream Sandwich drops in the US officially, as Samsung has stated that they will be keeping the US and Canadian releases in sync (the Canadian Galaxy Nexus is launching on the 8th). There is still no official release date however, causing even more angry consumers.

We’ve all been sitting here patiently waiting for our next dessert, as well as some of the fastest hardware to date. Who’s waiting it out to receive the newest update? Or are you going to pick up a different device in all of these holiday sales? Let us know in the comments!

via Electronista