Gameloft releasing NFL Pro 2012 and free games this weekend

It’s simple ’cause and effect.’  As processing power on smartphones increases so do the release of sweet looking games.  Gameloft will be releasing NFL Pro 2012 for Android devices in the next month.  The game looks absolutely stunning with incredible graphics and camera angels.  On top of that, you can play with real players, actual plays, and put new moves and hits on your opponents.  I’ve had football games on my phone and tablet before and they were horrendous.  However, NFL PRO 2012 seems like a major step up on the football gaming experience.  Great job, Gameloft.

On related news, Gameloft is supposedly giving away free games during the Thanksgiving weekend.  All you have to do is follow them on Twitter and when they tweet a link you can go and download your free game.  It’s worth a shot for a few free games.

via DroidLife

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