Google I/O Extended to Three Days, Moved to June

Google I/O is usually a two day long developer conference held in April at San Fransisco. This is where Google does demos, presentations, and other cool stuff for developers (and consumers) to enjoy. The main events revolve around Android, Chrome, Google TV, and other popular Google products.

This year a couple things are being changed. Instead of only being two days long they are extending the event to a third day. That should give developers more time to see everything they want. Because it’s being extended Google is moving the event to June. It will still be held in Moscone Center West in San Fransisco.

The last bit of I/O news is very intriguing. Google is advising developers to brush up on their code because they’ll need it when the application process opens. We’re guessing this means there will be some sort of challenge to be able to apply to the conference.

Developers get ready!

via Android Police

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