Google Maps 6.0 Hands on [Video]

As you’ve probably been made aware by now, Google Maps 6.0 received a massive updated today and is available for free, as usual, in the Android market. The biggest new feature, Indoor Maps, is being rolled out to various retail and transit locations around the world. Here we’ll take a video look at an example of an indoor navigation-ready location in action. Check it out:

Some interesting questions arose while demonstrating this application. Assuming indoor navigation relies on the same internet connection and GPS – how will Maps handle the diminished connection without a view of the sky? Google made it clear that improved Z-axis tracking will update the maps in real-time as you move from one floor to the other. Handling a GPS signal while under a roof (or several) has been notoriously inaccurate without Wifi. I haven’t had any problems getting a GPS lock indoors on my WiFi Xoom, but some handsets are less accurate than others. Hopefully this isn’t a big deal!

Lastly, here are some Ice Cream Sandwich screenshots

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