Google Maps 6.0 lands in the Android Market

Google Maps keeps getting better and better. Now that the search giant’s mapping service is able to tackle the great outdoors, Google is turning things inward. With Google Maps 6.0, which has recently become available in the Android Market, you now get access to indoor navigation. While that’s great news, the feature is being “staggered” in a way, with the technology working only in a few key locations, both related to transit and retail locations.

The new features are outlined in a nice little video (which also showcases the Galaxy Nexus, surprise surprise), which you can watch below. The update to 6.0 is supported by devices from Android 2.1 and upwards, all the way to Android 4.0. The service is available in the United States and Japan as of right now, and the indoor navigational services are being supported by the likes of Macy’s and IKEA, the latter of which has rolled out the technology in all of its stores nationwide. In Japan, you can find it in locations like Takashimaya.

Go ahead and head through the source link to read up more on it, and go through the Android Market link to download the app yourself.

via Google Mobile Blog; Android Market

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