HP sells more tablets than Samsung

While Samsung seems to perpetually be in the spotlight these days with new phones, tablets, and things-that-are-phones-AND-tablets, news hits the community of a surprising statistic from an unlikely champion, HP. Recent news of webOS’ demise and instability in the company really left most wondering where the computer manufacturer would go from here. Well, despite announcing to the world that it would abandon the Palm-developed mobile operating system, HP has managed to claw its way up to 2nd in the nation at 17% retail sales.

Though it is no real surprise industry giant Apple is in first, HP coming in second to beat out the likes of Samsung really IS  big news. No doubt sales were driven by the mad fire sales at both brick-and-mortar stores in addition to the internet with the announcement of HP’s abandonment of webOS. In any case, HP comes out on top this time, though 204,000 tablets to Sammy’s 192,000 doesn’t seem like much of a difference, hats off to HP for making a product that consumers love. Kudos!

via The Verge

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