HTC EVO Design 4G added to

Within the Android community, the developers and (growing) modification community have been quite fervent on their need for unlocked phones. Not carrier unlocked, either, but to have perfectly open devices so that after they purchase them they can truly customize them. We’ve seen custom ROMs since the start of Android, and manufacturers like HTC at least seem to understand where these people are coming from. That’s where the company’s website comes in, where lucky devices can be added to the list to have their bootloader unlocked.

And now the HTC EVO Design 4G has been added to the list. Interestingly enough, too, the HTC Amaze 4G has also been added to the list recently, so that should make plenty of folks out there happy. Now that the device is listed, it should make it easier for the development community to create new and interesting ROMs for the device, which should extend its life for those who bought it.

via HTCDev; Android Police

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