HTC Rezound users reporting audio issues

When a phone launches with a huge emphasis on music, you’d probably expect it to deliver some good audio. That doesn’t appear to be the case, as some users of the new HTC Rezound on Verizon are reporting audio issues with their new device. The problem appears to be that whenever a pair of headphones is plugged in (including the Beats that come with it), static interference can be heard. It doesn’t appear to be affecting all devices, but more than one would expect.

While we didn’t experience any issues like this with our review unit, it still appears to be a growing problem. HTC could have a big problem on its hands if their first Beats enabled phone in the US fails to deliver, and could result in poor sales. Hopefully it’s just a software bug that can be easily fixed, but there’s always the chance it’s a hardware flaw. Have a HTC Rezound? Are you experiencing any audio issues? Let us know in the comments!

via Phandroid

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