Ice Cream Sandwich Ported to the Original Galaxy Tab

Android’s first Google blessed tablet did have the best success. The original Tab was kinda chunky, only had a 7″ screen, and ran a glorified phone OS. But it quickly dropped in price, and became a good device for the dev community. Many tried to get Honeycomb on the Tab, but it was a difficult task without Google open-sourcing the code. All that has changed with Ice Cream Sandwich.

The ICS code has been available to download for a couple weeks now, and even devices like the HTC Eris have been getting ROMs. The original Galaxy Tab is joining the party too. The ROM is still in the early stages, but you’re more than welcome to follow the source link below and try it yourself. This is why we love Android.

Note: This is for the GSM Galaxy Tab.

via XDA

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