LTE vs. GSM Galaxy Nexus Thickness Comparison

Last night Google updated the Galaxy Nexus landing page with snazzy image of the LTE variant. This is the one that Verizon customers are patiently waiting for. Up above the LTE version is on the left, and there are some obvious differences right off the bat.

First thing you’ll notice is it’s thicker, but we already knew that. Samsung confirmed the LTE version would be thicker almost immediately after the Hong Kong event. More recently Google gave us the exact dimmensions, listing the LTE version at 9.47mm thick. That puts the DROID RAZR as the only thinner LTE phone on Verizon.

The next difference is color. The GSM version on the right has a nice metallic silver look. The LTE version has been covered in a stealthy black. It also looks like the small power icon next to the power/lock button has been removed. All in all, these changes are nothing to freak out about.

via Droid-Life

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