Motorola DROID for Verizon due for an update including security patches

While the Motorola DROID may not be at the top of the list to receive the latest and greatest in terms of software from Google or Motorola, there are still plenty of people out there who are using the device. That’s why it’s good to see that Motorola is still supporting the phone that launched the DROID lineage, especially when it comes to security patches.

Motorola kicked off its own project for the original DROID sometime last week, and now details about what that project entail have come out. According to those in the project, it would seem that Motorola is planning on releasing “a very limited update,” one that is entirely focused on security. It will include a pair of patches that will effectively be invisible to the average user, and shouldn’t alter the functionality of the OS or the phone itself.

There’s no word on when the update will be applied to all the DROIDs out there, but we imagine it will be relatively soon.

via PhoneDog

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