Motorola MT917 is officially announced in China

Earlier this month, leaked images of what was affectionately dubbed as the “Chinese RAZR” was released to blogs everywhere. The name was an obvious attempt to make the correlation between the recently-released smartphone from Verizon Wireless in the States. Today, the Chinese RAZR was officially announced by the smartphone producer as the MT917.

The MT917 has many similarities to the US’s RAZR with several key differences. First, it sports a 4.5-inch panel (vs the 4.3-inch on the RAZR). That bump in screen size is accompanied by a 720p pixel resolution. In addition, the RAZR’s 8MP camera is replaced by a 13MP offering. Both phones come with Android 2.3 and 1GB of RAM. No official word as to if and/or when we will see this phone on this side of the Pacific.

via Into Mobile

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