Motorola XT615 finds its way to the FCC and leaves unchanged

The Motorola XT615 has found its way into the FCC’s gauntlet, but has managed to find its way out seemingly unchanged. That’s right, the device is just as slim, and yes, it’s not featuring any kind of LTE-connectivity. If you are in an international market, though, and you’re finding yourself in the need of a new phone, the XT615 does seem willing to fit the bill.

Of course, the device is perfectly usable here in the States, but we’re not sure why you’d want to limit yourself. The phone is aimed directly at 2100 / 900MHz WCDMA bands, but it does have support for quad-band GSM. But hey, if you like the interesting chassis on this particular device, at least you know it’ll work, right?

via Engadget

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