Netflix offers up major update and redesign to tablet application

For those of you out there who love to watch Netflix whenever possible, but you haven’t been much of a fan of the application for your Android tablet, the times are changing and thankfully getting better. The movie streaming service has offered up a pretty major update for the application itself, and not only does it come with some fixes under the hood, but it also comes with a major overhaul of the user interface.

As we’ve seen in the changes to Netflix on their homepage, as well as within other applications on other platforms, the company is putting the sole focus of its content right up front. So it isn’t just about menus anymore, but about the movie itself (or television show, if that’s what you prefer). You’ll be able to swipe through rows and rows of movies and shows, all utilizing the tablet’s unique hardware.

The update is available now, so go ahead and get through with it, and then let us know what you think.

via Netflix

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