Next Amazon Kindle Fire may pack Nvidia processor

After being a bestseller on, the Kindle Fire turned out to be quite the tablet this holiday season. After all, it does have good specs while hitting that low $200 price point. Rumors are now saying that the next-gen version of the tablet may feature a bigger screen, and we now have something else to add to that pile. An analyst familiar with the tablet supply line claims that Nvidia’s silicone will be in the next generation of the Kindle Fire.

This does make sense, as Nvidia’s Tegra processor line is very media focused, with exclusive games in the Tegra Zone. Amazon has flat out said that the Kindle Fire is a media tablet, and by putting that together, you get a powerful new tablet. Don’t expect the new Tegra 3 to be inside it however, as Nvidia has stated before that those are for 2012′s high-end tablets, while the Tegra 2 will be for low to mid-range tablets. Also, the price will probably be higher than the original Kindle Fire, with the more high-end specs. Anyone looking forward to the next Kindle Fire? Already enjoying Nvidia’s Tegra processors? Let us know in the comments!

via Android and Me; Forbes

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