Nook Tablet rooted bringing Android Market Apps

Yes, the Barnes & Noble’s Nook Tablet has been rooted. Since the Nook Tablet was released scarcely a week ago, it has been inspiring a lot of chatter in the Android-sphere, or Droidsphere if you will. After a few days, roots for the Nook Tablet have popped up both for PC and Mac users.

The newly-released root by Indirect is a permanent root that adds the ability to install native Google applications. Leveraging this and these instructions on how to sideload the Android Market on your Nook Tablet (No, the link isn’t wrong. The methods are the same.), and BOOM! You have yourself a “fully” functioning Android tablet ready for abuse.

For those of you ready and willing to tackle this head-on, head to the source link for access to the XDA dev forum post outlining the procedure. Happy rooting!

via XDA Developers

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