Norton Anti-Theft and Skyhook Wireless link up

Norton, the household brand for anti-virus software, has teamed up with Skyhook Wireless to develop a device tracking system for Android devices. The announcement was made amidst Skyhook’s recent courtroom battles with Google over patent infringement and restraint of trade. Skyhook’s contribution to the Symantec arsenal will be most apparent in their Norton Anti-Theft service, which is a service for recovering Windows-based laptops.

Currently, there are Android options for locating and securing lost devices. Wavesecure and HTC Device Finder are two examples of this type of service. Of course, Norton Anti-Theft is bringing some new features to the table that we have yet to see. For instance, one of the features of their newly-announced venture would allow owners to take a peek at pictures taken from the cameras of their stolen devices. Although Skyhook has recently lost out on deals with partners like Motorola who were going to be integrating their technology, the company’s current roster of licensing and partnership deals will probably keep Skyhook in the black for the foreseeable future.


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