Nvidia Tegra 3 game shows off quad-core graphics on the ASUS Transformer Prime

We’ve come a long way from playing Snake on our Nokia phones. But now, thanks to quad-core technology, something as simple as an incandescent rolling ball can make you “ooo” and “ah” at the screen. This is exactly what Nvidia has achieved in their Tegra 3 quad-core processor.

The video bellow is of an Nvidia engineer showing us exactly how visually stunning their Tegra 3 processor handles the graphics in a game called “Glowball.” The video hardly does it justice. On top of how smooth and vibrant the graphics are, he claims to be using a Honeycomb powered ASUS Transformer Prime. There is, therefore, no shock in Game Stop having the Transformer Prime on pre-sale with a bundle pack that includes one game controller and a few other games.

Now, with that said, and this being the very first quad-core tablet, are you planning on pre-ordering the ASUS Transformer Prime, loaded with the speedy Tegra 3 processor, or are you going to wait for the market to grow a little more so that you have options to choose from?

Watch Tegra 3 in action here.

via Droid Gamers, Android Community

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