Official Looking Verizon Galaxy Nexus Press Shots Discovered

Verizon may not want to talk about the Galaxy Nexus, but that won’t stop us. Over at Androif Forums they’ve discovered some very sexy looking press shots of the G-NEX in an .xml file. The thing most of you will be glad too see on these press shots is the “Verizon 4G LTE” logo on the back. Surprisingly the Verizon branding has replaced the Google branding, which we admit is a little strange for a Nexus device.

Everything seems to be in line with what we’ve already seen of the device. Same color on the battery cover, and thickness looks the same too. You’ll even notice the important “4G” icon in the status bar. C’mon, you didn’t think Verizon would skip a chance to show off 4G did you? All we need now is a release date…

via Android Forums

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