Panasonic looking to expand, bringing mobile devices to Europe and the US

Yet another phone manufacturer in the every growing phone market. While some may not have even known that Panasonic made Android phones, they sure do. The company has mostly stuck to the Japanese phone market, selling about 4.4 million phones in the last year. Their plans include expanding to southeast Asia, as well as into the US and Europe. They’re even trying to strike a deal with a European carrier to bring the phones at subsidized prices.

We already have multiple companies competing for mobile market share, and that’s what made Panasonic decide to expand. They’re looking to increase they’re shipments to 7.5 million phones internationally, which should be tough in today’s market. Do you think we need another manufacturer making phones in the already saturated market? Or are the too many phones already?

via IntoMobile; TechCrunch

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