Path Updated with New UI, Sharing Options, and More Friends

If you’re unfamiliar with Path just imagine an app for Facebook’s upcoming timeline feature. Path allows you to document when you are doing things in a nice looking time line. Path was launched with minimal features and a low 50 friend limit. This was a bummer for many people, because what good is a social app if you can’t share it with all your friends? Path has heard those pleas and released version 2.0 of their app.

The new app comes with a beautiful new UI design, some new sharing features, and they’ve increased the friend limit to 150. To access the sharing options press the (+) in the bottom left of the screen. There you will see several options, including music, location, and sleep. Music allows you to share a song that you’re listening to with all your friends. The location option allows you to check-in like you would with Foursquare. Lastly, the sleep option tells your friends when you have nodded off for the night. Check out my screenshots above for more examples of what Path can do.

All of this works very well, but will enough people actually use it?

via The Verge

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