Popular Reddit App ‘BaconReader’ Makes It’s Way to the Android Market

There is no shortage of Reddit apps in the Android Market, but for a long time the most popular has been stuck in alpha and only available to side load. Today BaconReader is finally available to download from the Market.

BaconReader brings a beautiful UI design to the front page of the internet. You get all the options you’re used to having from the website. You can sign in or just lurk anonymously, threaded comments, in-app browser, upvote/downvote, navigate subreddits, and even use ragefaces.

Changelog since the last alpha version:

  • Ability to browse without logging in
  • Marking of NSFW posts
  • Performance enhancements
  • Various bug fixes
  • Ads

BaconReader is free and ad supported, but you can get rid of them with an in-app purchase. If you already have BaconReader Alpha make sure to uninstall before installing the Market version. Happy Redditing!

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