Republic Wireless LG Optimus One Comes With CyanogenMod?

Well this is interesting. If you haven’t heard of Republic Wireless they are a new carrier offering unlimited plans for $19. The catch is you have to highly rely on WiFi networks or Republic Wireless will kick you out for excessive data usage. You are allowed to use mobile data (via Sprint’s network) but only in small portions. The first device to grace their network is the LG Optimus One, but it’s not exactly what you would expect.

After the device got unboxed on YouTube people started noticing some things. First off all the lockscreen looks identical to CyanogenMod’s Ring lock style (she uses it at 2:00). Next you can see the notification shade has CM’s Notification Power Widget included. This is for quickly turning on WiFi, BlueTooth, GPS, etc (3:20).

So does TeamDouche secretly work for Republic Wireless? Not exactly. Here is a quote from the man behind CyanogenMod:

I guess you can finally buy a phone with something that resembles CM on it. Unfortunately, our team wasn’t involved in this.

via Android Police

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