Samsung Chromebook WiFi price set at $349

The Google’s Chromebook, or “Android’s ugly sister” as I like to call it, has not been the business-industry-dominating, could-computing powerhouse that it was supposed to be. In an attempt to generate some more interest, Samsung will be offering a WiFi-only version of the Samsung Chromebook Series 5. That, along with a software update is set to “reignite” the fire that never really started in the first place.

The new software update offers a streamlined login process, some tweaks to the New Tab page, and a focus on multimedia and gaming. Some cosmetic changes include a shortcut to the File Manager on the New Tab page, some  music apps, some games, in addition to the recent refresh to the Chrome Web Store.

The Samsung Chromebook’s WiFi iteration is set to be sold at $349. As with the other Chromebook mulling around in the mobile space right now, it will offer a 12.2-inch display, 6 hr battery, dual-core process, and a pair of USB ports. Now I guess the only question you need to ask yourself is, am I really ready to make the jump into cloud computing? I don’t see the intrinsic value of a cloud-connected machine that can’t connect to the cloud on the move, but to each his own, right?

via SlashGear

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