Samsung DROID Charge finally officially getting Gingerbread update

When it comes to updates, there are just some phones out there that haven’t been graced with the latest (or even close to it) version of Android. While most people would have assumed that one of the devices lining up the DROID family name would not have been a device overlooked for this long, that’s exactly what happened to the DROID Charge from Samsung.

That changes today, though, as the official Android 2.3 is listed as “coming soon.” It’s labeled as i510.EP4, and it has plenty of security enhancements tucked away inside. There are the obvious goodies within Gingerbread, of course, so DROID Charge owners will be pleasantly surprised once the update starts rolling out. The update is rolling out, so try and stay patient. At least you know it’s coming, right?

via Verizon

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