Samsung flashing Galaxy Nexus devices to fix issues

So by now you’ve heard about the volume bug situation that is plaguing plenty of Samsung Galaxy Nexus devices out there. We told you earlier in the week that Samsung had developed a fix for the issue, and that they were going to be working on deploying it soon. Well, it looks like they’re going to start with the stock that they already have, so that distributors can start selling the phone again.

Which makes perfect sense, since not distributing the handset means that Samsung isn’t making any money on it. According to retailer Handtec, Samsung is now “flashing” devices to fix the problem, and then distribution will continue afterwards. Here’s the statement from Handtec:

“Samsung Distribution is stating that units are currently being ‘flashed’ to fix any issues – deliveries should commence in the week commencing 28th November.”

So, if this pans out to be true, and we have no reason to think it wouldn’t be, distribution for the first Android 4.0 will start again next week. Now, the big question for everyone who has already purchased the device, is when Samsung will issue the over the air update to fix that particular situation. Hopefully soon.

via EuroDroid

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