Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE gets updated to 4.0.2

The device isn’t even released yet, and its already received an update. A tester unit of Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus has apparently been pushed an update to the newest Android version, 4.0.2. Also included is the first picture of the Verizon-branded handset, with branding. Users with the HSPA+ version of the phone report no new updates, but that could change in the future. Hopefully this update will fix any problems that has been preventing the release of the phone, so it can hit that currently rumored December 8 launch date.

What’s especially interesting about the phone is that it has Verizon branding. Previously, Nexus devices have been “pure”, with no branding other than the manufacturer and Google. Right in the middle of the back plate is the Verizon LTE logo. Hopefully the phone won’t include any bloatware, maintaining the “pure” software experience. How do you feel about the branding? Would you rather it not be there?

via Droid Life

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