Samsung Galaxy Nexus availability in the UK delayed for some retailers

Let’s just keep moving right along with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, shall we? For those of you keeping tabs on the device, not just here in the States but across the globe as well, then you know the handset is getting ready to find its way into retailers, and (hopefully) soon. For those of you in the UK, the Galaxy Nexus’ launch was set for Thursday, November 17th. But, it looks like that may be delayed until next week for most retailers.

The delays, at least in the majority of cases, seem to be due to limited stock. Which would make sense if the phone had already launched, but without an official launch date quite cemented yet, it would seem that delaying a handset’s release by a week due to limited stock would be a bit “worrisome” for some. (There are plenty of reasons why it could be limited, so don’t panic too much.) According to a British retailer called Clove, they won’t be seeing any stock until November 23rd, which is next Wednesday.

Three UK, a major carrier in the region, started taking pre-orders of the device yesterday, but is now saying that they won’t be able to fulfill those orders until Tuesday, November 22nd. That is due to “stock delays.” But, as a bit of good news to end the story, it would seem that Phones4U is still keeping track with their November 17th launch window, but you’ll need to sign a new, two-year contract to grab the phone on that particular day.

Unfortunately, with delays in the UK, this would seem to put a huge damper on the newest rumor for the Verizon-bound Galaxy Nexus landing in store on Friday, November 18th.

via Android Central

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