Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Verizon able to be ordered by indirect retailers, still has the same name

We aren’t going to say that this is a mess, but with how close we are to a launch for the first Android 4.0 phone in the United States, it’s starting to look more and more like one. While we are still waiting for a final release date from Verizon for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the news about the device is starting to get a little wobbly. Late last night we reported that the Galaxy Nexus may not actually be called that at all when it launches for Big Red’s network, but actually bring back the Nexus Prime name after all.

We got that information from a leaked Best Buy catalog, which not only suggested the device would feature the “new” Nexus Prime name, but also launch on the 27th of November for $299.99. Now, though, we’ve got a new image to stare at and scratch our heads. Thanks to our friends at Android Central, you’re looking at the screen of an indirect retailer showing off their Samsung Galaxy Nexus order page. That’s right, this is how those indirect retailers order their phones, and as you can see pretty clearly up at the top, the Samsung I515 is still rocking the Galaxy Nexus name.

Like we said above, it’s not quite a mess, but it could certainly get there. We’ll have to hope that Verizon puts a stop to all the rumors and just finally announces something here soon, especially if that November 27th launch date is worth anything.

via Android Central

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